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Stem Cell Therapy in Tijuana, Mexico

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Stem Cell Therapy & Treatment Clinic in Tijuana, Mexico

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Why Choose Tijuana Stem Cell Therapy?

There are several key advantages to choosing Tijuana for stem cell treatment:


  • Affordability: Stem cell therapy in Tijuana costs a fraction of what it does in the USA and Canada. Treatment with 30 million live stem cells starts at only $2950, saving patients thousands.


  • Accessibility: Tijuana is right across the border from San Diego. Many patients can simply drive across, utilize shuttled transportation, or others can fly into San Diego or Tijuana International Airport.


  • Experienced Specialists: Our stem cell treatment specialists of Tijuana have years of expertise treating chronic conditions. Our medical team only uses the latest proven techniques.


  • State-of-the-Art Hospital: Treatments are performed at an internationally accredited hospital outfitted with the latest technology and equipment.


  • High Cell Counts: Our treatments utilize very high numbers of live stem cells – up to 200 million. This ensures optimal results.


  • Proven Safety: With over 1000 procedures completed, our protocols have an excellent safety record.


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Stem Cell Therapy Benefits for Our Tijuana Patients

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“The Clinic And Staff Are Very Professional. I Had A Great Time, From Their Pick Up In San Diego, To My Hotel In Tijuana. The Procedure At The Clinic Is Quite Simple. In A Few Hours, Everything Is Finished. The Doctor Explained The Injections To Me (Intravenous, In The Hip, And In The Back, At My Request) And Seems To Be Passionate About Stem Cells, It Was A Pleasure To Chat With Him 🙂
I Can Encourage You To Go To This Clinic.”
Julien B, Canada

Why R3 Stem Cell Mexico?

When researching stem cell therapy in Tijuana, Mexico, it’s important to choose a qualified provider. Here’s how R3 Stem Cell provides the safest, most effective regenerative care:


  • High Cell Counts: Our treatments use very high numbers of live stem cells – up to 200 million per treatment. For chronic conditions, cell counts are crucial.


  • Accredited Providers: Our regenerative specialists are fully accredited and trained on the latest proven techniques.


  • Quality Processing: Our Mexico lab exceeds FDA standards. There is no use of damaging cryopreservatives. This ensures exceptional viability.


  • Multiple Cell Types: Our treatments utilize stem cells from fat and bone marrow for optimal reparative effects.


  • Safety Record: With over 1000 successful procedures, our protocols have an excellent safety record. No major adverse events.


  • VIP Experience: We arrange transportation, provide bilingual guides, and offer resort hotel options for a stress-free experience.


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Is Stem Cell Therapy in Tijuana Safe?

Safety is our utmost priority. R3 Stem Cell Mexico only uses stem cells derived from safe, ethical sources – NO embryonic stem cells. Our lab meets the highest quality standards, surpassing FDA guidelines to ensure purity and potency.


We use your own cells whenever possible to avoid rejection risks. There is minimal to no risk of infection, bleeding or complications when procedures are done properly.


Millions of stem cell procedures have been performed safely worldwide. However, always consult your doctor if you have any concerns.

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You deserve safe, effective stem cell therapy that provides lasting relief, not temporary band-aid treatments. Stop suffering and enjoy life again!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Stem cell therapy involves using stem cells to treat diseases or conditions. It typically involves injecting stem cells into the damaged tissue to help regenerate and repair it. Stem cells can come from the patient’s own body (autologous) or from a donor (allogeneic). They have regenerative abilities and can differentiate into many cell types.

Stem cell therapy has potential to significantly improve symptoms and quality of life for many diseases. However, it is not a cure-all and its ability to treat diseases is still being researched. The effectiveness can vary a lot depending on the condition, so it’s important to consult with a specialist about realistic expectations.

Stem cell therapy may be an option for those with conditions that researchers believe may be helped by stem cell treatment. A specialist will need to evaluate your specific case to see if you are likely to benefit. Not everyone is a candidate, so it’s important to get evaluated rather than assuming stem cells will help.

The effectiveness at our  stem cell treatment clinic can vary greatly depending on the condition being treated, quality of the stem cells, method of administration, patient’s overall health, and other factors. More research is still needed to fully understand and improve its effectiveness for different diseases. But it has shown good results in some conditions.

Stem cell therapy at our Tijuana center aims to repair damaged tissue by introducing new stem cells into the damaged area. The stem cells then differentiate into the needed cell types and integrate into the tissue, helping regenerate and repair it. Stem cells also release growth factors that may stimulate recovery.

Stem cells are being researched for their abilities to home to tumors and deliver anti-cancer drugs and therapies. Early research shows promise, but more evidence is still needed before stem cells can be widely used to treat cancer.

Currently, there is no conclusive evidence that stem cell therapy alone can cure cancer. However, it is a promising area of research and may be an effective part of a larger cancer treatment plan in the future. But more clinical trials are needed first.

R3 Stem Cell International’s regenerative program in Tijuana offers a complete stem cell treatment with 30 million live, verified stem cells for only $2950 (cost includes one full IV therapy or two joints). Not only is the stem cell therapy safe and effective, but it will cost you less than half of what you would be paying in the USA or Panama for that amount of live cells. In addition, we offer patients who purchase the stem cell treatment, free 2-night stay at Hotel Lucerna Tijuana and transport.

After the stem cells are injected or transfused, the patient will need to rest and limit activity as the stem cells start repairing the damaged tissue. Follow-up appointments allow the doctor to monitor the patient’s condition and track their progress as the stem cells integrate into the body.

At our stem cell clinic in Tijuana, we offer treatments using both autologous adult stem cells and allogeneic mesenchymal stem cells. We use adipose-derived and bone marrow-derived stem cells as well as umbilical cord blood stem cells. Our clinic has extensive experience with various stem cell types and applications.

Most patients start seeing some results within a few weeks after stem cell therapy. However, the full effects generally take 2-3 months to become apparent as the stem cells need time to multiply, differentiate, and integrate into the body. Some conditions may take longer to respond. Let your doctor know if you don’t notice improvement after 3 months.

Our highly experienced Tijuana stem cell specialists will thoroughly evaluate your medical history, condition, goals, and other factors. We have expertise using various stem cell types, so we can customize your treatment plan with the stem cell source, dose, and delivery method that is likely to be most effective for your unique needs.

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