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Multiple Sclerosis

Stem Cell Therapy for Multiple Sclerosis in Tijuana and Cancun Mexico

R3 Stem Cell International offers stem cell therapy for multiple sclerosis in Mexico with several options. The treatments have been very effective for helping improve patient’s quality of life along with slowing down disease progression. When you look at the initial research studies for stem cell and exosome therapy for MS, the results are showing that not only are these procedures safe, but also having beneficial results.


There are 3 options for receiving stem cell treatment at R3 International in Tijuana for MS:




R3’s treatment starts with a FREE phone consultation with one of our expert, licensed stem cell doctors. He will review your medical records and discuss your situation, and then provide a recommendation for the MS stem cell treatment in Mexico.


At that point, your patient concierge representative will work with you on payment, travel logistics and we provide escorted transportation from San Diego to the clinic. It’s only 20 minutes from the SD airport!


The biologics used at R3 International come from GenCell, which is a first rate lab that has a perfect safety record. The Quality Assurance at the lab actually exceeds FDA standards here in the US. No preservative is needed, and the stem cells are expanded but still stay within the first 5 generations. Incredibly potent and viable!


Multiple Sclerosis is a highly unpredictable disease. The chronic inflammatory disease affects the nervous system whereby it attacks its own brain, optic nerves and spinal cord. Multiple Sclerosis can be fatal and in severe cases the nervous system kills its very own nerve cells and permanently scars the central nervous system.


At this point, the central nervous system cannot repair the damage and it could lead to paralysis and loss of sight. The progressions of the attacks vary, while some are slow and infrequent, other patients have quick progression of the disease.


Most patients suffer from relapsing multiple sclerosis which progresses stably and gives the patient a chance for recovery. However, secondary progressive multiple sclerosis could develop over the years and this increasingly deteriorates the patient’s neurological function. The patient could also have malignant multiple sclerosis which tends to have high rates of relapse as it brings about secondary progressive multiple sclerosis earlier than most cases. This however only affects 15% of the patients.

Depending on the prognosis and stage of the disease, most doctors will manage the progression of the disease with drugs. However, stem cell therapy is proving to be a viable treatment for the condition. Stem cell therapy puts its main emphasis on preventing damage to the immune system and repairing the damage that has already occurred by protecting the neurons and regenerating myelin.


Although various drugs have tried to regenerate myelin, none has effectively worked to protect the neurons. Stem cells could perhaps provide a cure since as many are aware, there is no cure for multiple sclerosis. Thankfully, stem cell therapy is doing a great job of managing the condition and below we have outlined some do the stem cell therapies that have yielded promising results.

HSCT introduces a new immune system into the body. The therapy destroys the existing immune system with potent chemotherapy drugs before intravenously introducing the patient’s stem cells into the body.

These stem cells work to reconfigure the immune cells with the introduction of a new immune system. This therapy has been very effective especially in patients who have relapsing multiple sclerosis.

Unfortunately, HSCT does not do much when it comes to repairing the damage on the nervous system and this is where MSCs come in. These umbilical cord derived stem cells have the potential to repair the central nervous system and this is due to their transformational abilities that mimic different types of cells.


The stem cells could be budding building blocks in repairing damage on the nervous system as well as affected tissues and organs. An FDA approved trial currently ongoing involves the transformation of MSCs into neural progenitor (NP) cells. This transformation is conducted in a laboratory before being directly injected into the patient’s spinal fluid. These cells can mimic the damaged tissues and destroy multiple sclerosis.

Although the effects of these MSCs therapies are yet to be fully realized, they are producing promising results and it is expected that they should be able to transform the immune system and regenerate the tissues damaged within the immune system.


R3 Stem Cell is offering stem cell therapy for multiple sclerosis in Tijuana and Cancun Mexico with expert stem cell doctors. 

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