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Lyme Disease

Effective and Safe Stem Cell and Exosome Treatment for Lyme Disease in Tijuana Mexico

Lyme disease is one of the fastest-growing infectious diseases, particularly in the Western world. Many times, Lyme disease patients go misdiagnosed for months or years. This can leave patients uncomfortable, in pain, and with a diminished quality of life.


Even when patients are diagnosed properly and given treatment, about 20% of those patients undergoing treatment end up failing treatment. This can lead to post-treatment Lyme disease syndrome. After months or years of searching for a diagnosis and treatment, post-treatment Lyme disease syndrome can leave patients and their loved ones feeling hopeless. Fortunately, R3 Stem Cell offers a very effective treatment for Lyme disease in 

Stem cell therapy has become more popular in recent years. The more stem cells are studied, the more effective researchers and physicians are finding them to be. Patients can receive stem cell therapy for Lyme disease at the Tijuana, Mexico clinic. This includes IV therapy with over 25 million live stem cells. These live stem cells are all 2nd to 8th generation stem cells; meaning they are extremely potent and powerful, thus giving better results.


Many Lyme disease patients who have undergone this type of stem cell therapy find they have an increase in energy and a decrease in their adverse symptoms. After months or years of trying to find adequate treatment, patients who have undergone stem cell therapy at the R3 Stem Cell clinic in Tijuana, Mexico are ecstatic to see life-changing improvements in their health.

Some potential patients may be worried about receiving therapy in Mexico. However, R3 Stem Cell has fully vetted the processes and labs used in their Tijuana clinic. The labs used in the Tijuana clinic exceed FDA safety regulations and the stem cells can be cultured in a way that produces a higher quantity of stem cells while remaining equally as effective. In addition, the stem cells are still obtained through ethical measures. This means the biologic is taken from women who are undergoing a planned C-section and would have otherwise discarded the material.


In addition to being effective, safe, and ethical, this stem cell and exosome treatment at the Tijuana clinic is also affordable. One round of therapy is only $3750 for 25 million stem cells. In addition, for $1000 more, patients can get an additional 20 million live stem cells, bringing the total to 50 million live stem cells. This is an ideal amount of stem cells for your body to use to lessen the symptoms of Lyme disease.

Many patients suffer from Lyme disease for a long time before they even get a diagnosis, and even longer before they find an effective treatment for their symptoms. These patients tend to bounce around treatment clinics unable to find something that truly works. Fortunately, the R3 Stem Cell clinic in Tijuana offers an effective and safe treatment for Lyme disease symptoms at an affordable price. Don’t continue to suffer through Lyme disease symptoms. Call (888) 988-0515 to learn more about how you could benefit from the Tijuana clinic.

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