The Process

The Process for Receiving Treatment with R3 Stem Cell International in Tijuana or Cancun MX

R3 Stem Cell International set up the clinics in Tijuana and Cancun to make regenerative therapies not only unbelievably cost effective, but also convenient. The Tijuana clinic is only 20 minutes from San Diego Airport and the Cancun clinic is only 20 minutes from that airport too!


In the US, R3’s Centers of Excellence have safely performed over 15,000 stem cell procedures. We lead the nation in knowledge, expertise, safety and outcomes. Our Mexico Centers offer more potent stem cell biologics for a fraction of the cost.


“Dr Ramon and Abril took excellent care of us on every detail. Excellent people and excellent delivery of the whole experience. We felt great personal care in every aspect of our visit.” – John S, California


“The clinic and staff are very professional. I had a great time, from their pick up in San Diego, to my hotel in Tijuana. The procedure at the clinic is quite simple. In a few hours, everything is finished. The doctor explained the injections to me (intravenous, in the hip, and in the back, at my request) and seems to be passionate about stem cells, it was a pleasure to chat with him 🙂

I can encourage you to go to this clinic.” – Julien B, Canada


“I just want to let you and Dr. Ramon know that my recovery has been nothing short of miraculous. I cannot believe this worked as well as it did. It’s like 20 years were taken off my knees!.” -Dan W, San Francisco


Here is the process for receiving stem cell treatment.


First, we need to know you’re interested. Either complete the Contact form HERE or call us at (888) 988-0515.


2. All prospective patients need a phone consultation with our doctor. It’s free and only takes about 15 minutes to ensure you are a candidate and to answer your initial questions. We’ll call you to set it up.



3. Once the consultation is complete and if our experienced stem cell doctor determines you to be a candidate, we will schedule your procedure at your desired location and assign you a Patient Concierge Representative.


4. You will receive complete instructions regarding your upcoming procedure. This will include options for lodging, pre-procedure instructions, etc.


5. Payment is due once the procedure is scheduled. Our pricing is approximately one third US pricing for treatment with 30 million live stem cells and is $2950 per person or for two people together it’s only $5400 ($500 discount). Not only is our pricing REAL, the testing used by our lab in Mexico is MORE stringent than what even the FDA requires in the US.


6. You do have the option of receiving an additional 20 million stem cells for only $1000 extra. This can be utilized for more joints or an aesthetics procedure. Please let us know prior to the day of your procedure.


7. Your VIP Travel Escort Representative will meet you in San Diego or Cancun and provide a VIP Escort Transportation both to and from the clinic.


8. While we do provide lodging options with special rates and will gladly help you book, the cost for your transportation and lodging is your responsibility. The VIP Escort transportation is included though.


9. R3 concierge representatives will follow up with you for outcomes data to see how you are doing!




Stem Cell Doctors Offering Stem Cell Therapy by Injection and IV for only $2950!