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Stem Cell Therapy for Autism in Mexico

R3 Stem Cell International has developed a first rate, clinically effective stem cell treatment program for Autism in Tijuana Mexico. The prevalence of Autism in the US, Europe and Asia is 2%. Often call autism spectrum disorder (ASD), modern treatments are clearly needed as no cure to date has been formulated.  

These traditional treatment options include such options as:

Autism is not just one condition, but a group of conditions which bring about complex and dire developmental disorders that may hinder proper brain development. The condition is usually identified in early childhood and parents will usually have the condition diagnosed before the child is three years old. 


Unfortunately, autism has no cure but there are ways in which it can be managed. Early diagnosis and treatment go a long way in ensuring that the child enjoys a better quality life. Statistics show us that autism is actually more common than we think and the rate of children with autism seems to be increasing by the day. In fact the number of children with autism has increased by 17 percent in recent years. This condition affects 2 million people in the U.S alone.


Current thinking on autism is that these issues may lead to the disorder:

While it’s unclear what the exact cause is, there have been quite a few studies over the past few years elucidating the results of umbilical cord stem cell therapy for autism. Duke University has completed a Phase 1 study looking at umbilical cord tissue, which showed amazing results! Phase 2 is currently underway.

R3 Stem Cell International Autism Treatment Program

There are over 20 additional clinical studies evaluating different types of stem cells for autism. R3 Stem Cell International’s Autism stem cell treatment program has shown excellent outcomes while being extremely safe. Here are some FAQ’s answered.

What kind of stem cells are used for autism treatment?

R3 Stem Cell International utilizes first rate umbilical cord tissue stem cells. These are mesenchymal stem cells and are obtained in an ethical manner from consented women undergoing a scheduled c-section.


NO embryonic stem cells are used in the treatment. R3’s biologics have never resulted in an adverse event and are very safe. The stem cell biologic functions in the body through quite a few mechanisms. 

Additional treatments involve exosomes, which are stem cell byproducts. They are also derived in an ethical manner, and work in one’s body to not only reduce inflammation like stem cells do, but also to encourage cells to rejuvenate and reprogram themselves!

Is the biologic used safe?

The biologics used are VERY safe. R3 vetted the lab extensively to make sure the biologic quality assurance standards exceed those of the FDA in the US. Each unit of the biologic comes with a Quality Assurance certificate detailing the infectious disease testing (serology) and also the culture details along with the stem cell viability.


In the United States, FDA regulated labs are limited. They cannot culture stem cell material at all. This means the numbers of stem cells available are limited and the cost is significant.


At R3 Stem Cell International, the umbilical cord stem cell biologics are cultured at the lab, but not past the 4th generation. This means they are not put past four culture cycles. This is very important, as if cells are cultured more and more, they will no longer be functional.


An additional great thing the lab does is to note on the quality assurance certificate the generations of the cells, and also the viability percentage. The biologics lab does NOT have to use preservative like labs in the US do. Therefore, there is no change of an allergic reaction to a preservative, and there is no need for cryopreservation.


Therefore, the viability of the cells for transfusion is well over 90%, and the stem cell counts are exponentially higher than in the US?

Is there a chance of rejection of the stem cells?

3 Stem Cell International has never had a rejection reaction in hundreds of cases. The umbilical cord stem cells are what scientists call “immune privileged” and do not elicit a noticeable rejection reaction. The exosomes used maintain the same characteristic.

In addition, no preservative is necessary with the biologics, so there is no chance of an allergic reaction to one.

How many stem cells are used?

One of the biggest benefits of stem cell treatment for autism at R3 in Mexico is not only the number of stem cells and the low generations used, but also the cost effectiveness. 


The stem cell treatments for autism are weight based, and require either 25 million stem cells or 50 million at a setting. In addition, exosome therapy is often utilized as well. As you can see below, we have 2 program options where the patient will receive a total between 90 million and 200 million viable stem cells.


R3 Stem Cell International offers 2 treatment options for convenience to families.

Why are multiple treatments necessary?

The reason is as follows. The human body can only “use” so many stem cells at one time. If too many are given at one time, there will be a significant amount unused AND the child may feel sick for a week or two. We’ve never seen anything like a “stem cell overdose”, but we want to make sure that a patient is able to use the administered cells.


Therefore, we stage the treatments over 5 days or one every few months. Clinically, the results are much better that way! The treatments are all outpatient and painless and administered by our licensed, expert stem cell providers.

What are the risks?

The risks to patients are minimal. To date, neither R3 in the US nor Mexico have seen a deep infection or a biologic rejection or a disease transmission. The video below discusses the quality standards.


In addition, nothing more than minor side effects have been seen. This may include temporary dizziness or lightheadedness, or feeling cold for a few minutes.


For a procedure that has such clinically beneficial outcomes and VERY low complications, stem cell therapy for autism is becoming more popular every day.

What are the fees involved?

Another great benefit of R3 Stem Cell International’s Autism Treatment Program is our fees. Stem cell treatment for Autism in Panama or other countries can easily exceed $30-40k. That is insane, and may lead to significant financial stress for a family.

One of the reasons R3 Stem Cell International was created was to establish first rate regenerative therapies that are effective clinically and to one’s pocketbook too.


The Autism Program fees are as follows:

Option 1 ALL INCLUSIVE: 5 Day Stay for Autism Treatment
$8975 (90 million cells) or
$10,975 (150 million cells).

This includes:

Option 2 ALL INCLUSIVE: 4 visits over a year
$10,475 (120 million total cells) or
$13, 975 (200 million total cells)

This includes:

How do I find out if my child is a candidate?

R3 Stem Cell International offers free phone consultations with our Medical Director Dr. Ramon De La Puerta. He has done over a thousand stem cell cases, and patients are in great hands with his care.

He will evaluate medical records and answer any questions that you have.

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