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Cost of Stem Cell Therapy in Mexico

Cost of Stem Cell Therapy in Mexico

R3 Stem Cell International  has made its treatments extremely cost effective for patients, especially when taking into consideration the amount of stem cells offered per treatment. Our treatments start at only $3750 for 25 million live stem cells. But let’s look at what that means and how it compares to other Centers.


If someone has a chronic illness and desires stem cell treatment, the research into it can be extremely confusing. The reason is that the cost of stem cell therapy in Mexico is not “apples to apples” compared with US regenerative therapy, and not even a direct comparison to other stem cell centers in Mexico.


Treatment with biologics at R3 Stem Cell International is different in several aspects. One is that we’ve made every effort to maximize the amount of live cells in our biologics while maintaining safety standards that exceed those of the FDA in the US.


Chronic disease conditions typically need high cell counts for optimal effectiveness. Along with the stem cell counts, there are also a considerable amount of exosomes, growth factors, cytokines and secretomes.

Why Stem Cell Therapy Cost In Mexico At R3 International Is Incredible

While stem cell procedure cost in Mexico is VERY important, so is the most important variable that you need to get what you deserve and are investing in. Have you ever heard of the expression “Receive a Lexus for the price of a Chevy”? That is exactly what you get with the program at R3 Stem Cell International.


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“The Clinic And Staff Are Very Professional. I Had A Great Time, From Their Pick Up In San Diego, To My Hotel In Tijuana. The Procedure At The Clinic Is Quite Simple. In A Few Hours, Everything Is Finished. The Doctor Explained The Injections To Me (Intravenous, In The Hip, And In The Back, At My Request) And Seems To Be Passionate About Stem Cells, It Was A Pleasure To Chat With Him 🙂
I Can Encourage You To Go To This Clinic.”
Julien B, Canada


Here’s why. To receive stem cell therapy in the US for a chronic condition such as kidney or heart failure, the cost may exceed $8k to $12k due to the FDA regulations. The regulations inhibit the ability of regenerative labs to culture the biologic, and preservatives are necessary to cryopreserve the biologic after processing. The end result with the biologic is they have less viable cells, and are expensive with the processing steps necessary.

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