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Hair Loss

PRP for Hair Loss & Stem Cells for Hair Restoration

PRP for Hair Restoration: The Process

The process begins with some blood being drawn from your arm. The blood components are

separated in a centrifuge so as to increase the concentration of the platelets. Platelets have a wide array of growth factors and they are responsible for the healing and regenerative process.


These platelets are then injected into the scalp where they work to stimulate hair growth. PRP therapy activates the adult stem cells known as follicular progenitor cells. Like we mentioned PRP is rich in growth factors and these help in promoting localized cell growth. This treatment has no barriers and is effectively used to treat men and women suffering from hair loss.

PRP therapy can be used to reverse and treat even the most complex hair loss problems. The survival rate of hair follicles dramatically increases as the platelets stimulate the hair cycle’s anagen phase or what many would call the growth phase. The anagen phase could last anywhere between two to six years before going to the catagen phase which is when the hair begins to shrink.

There are many reasons why more and more experts recommend PRP therapy for hair loss. For starters, the procedure is very safe and this is because the patient’s own blood is used. There are no negative side effects such as disease transfusion, immunogenic reactions and studies have revealed that PRP cannot lead to the development of tumors, cancer or hyperplasia.

Secondly, this regenerative therapy mainly consists of the platelets which are patient derived and act as the healing agents. There are no less than 7 active growth factors in PRP. There is no introduction of chemicals that could lead to side effects. What the growth factors ideally do is mimic cells and encourage natural hair growth.

The procedure is minimally invasive and unlike surgery, the healing process is quite fast. Since PRP encourages faster cell growth, the results of the procedure are fast as well. You can begin to see evidence of new hair growth in as little as one to two months though the best results are identifiable in just a few months. The full effects of the hair restoration are clear within a year.

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