The US Leader is NOW in Mexico. Procedures ONLY $3750 for 25 million stem cells!

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About Exosome and Stem Cell Therapy Mexico at R3 International

R3 International offers the premier Mexico Stem Cell Therapy for those suffering from many conditions and want the Mercedes of stem cell therapy for the cost of a Ford.


After 10 years of being the leader in the United States with over 23,000 stem cell procedures performed, R3 Stem Cell in Mexico is now offering an international program which has significant benefits for you with a cost less than HALF what it would cost in the USA or Panama!

 “Dr Ramon And Abril Took Excellent Care Of Us On Every Detail. Excellent People And Excellent Delivery Of The Whole Experience. We Felt Great Personal Care In Every Aspect Of Our Visit.“

– John S, California

 “Just Got My Shots 2 Days Ago From The Tijuana Site. Got Shots On My 2 Shoulders, 2 Knees, And Right Hip. The Only Pain I Have Are From The Shots But They Were Tolerable. Dr. Ramon And His Staff Were Great, Informative, And Professional. Spent Some Time Getting To Know Dr Ramon And I Like His Approach To Life–From His Dedication To His Family, His Belief Of Doing Good To Everyone/Your Neighbor, And His Continuous Research To Stay Ahead In His Profession (He Is Currently Writing A Book On The Subject As Well).“

– Edward L.

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“The Clinic And Staff Are Very Professional. I Had A Great Time, From Their Pick Up In San Diego, To My Hotel In Tijuana. The Procedure At The Clinic Is Quite Simple. In A Few Hours, Everything Is Finished. The Doctor Explained The Injections To Me (Intravenous, In The Hip, And In The Back, At My Request) And Seems To Be Passionate About Stem Cells, It Was A Pleasure To Chat With Him 🙂
I Can Encourage You To Go To This Clinic.”
Julien B, Canada

The biologics that are used by R3 Stem Cell International from Biogenesis have over 25 million live stem cells. No preservatives are necessary, and the biologics do not have to be cryopreserved like they do in the US. This amount of cells is on average, 10 times more than what you would receive in the US for less than half the investment!


The stem cells are extremely potent and active, with administration occurring either IV or by injection. With its significant purchasing power, R3 Stem Cell International has been able to make this powerful, safe stem cell treatment available in Mexico for the investment of only $3750.


Investing In Your Health Is Truly The Best Investment You Can Make.


R3 Stem Cell International offers these safe, effective procedures with top notch doctors who have extensive experience with stem cell procedures.


A free phone consultation is offered to help ensure you will be an appropriate candidate and will feel comfortable with the provider.


For systemic conditions such as COPD, Parkinsons, Alzheimers, Cardiac, Liver, Diabetes Mellitus etc that require Intravenous or treatments, R3 Stem Cell International has developed a proprietary IV stem cell therapy program. The Program is effective and safe, with treatment being overseen by highly skilled professionals.


The R3 Stem Cell International doctors are leaders in Stem Cell Therapy and have been providing first rate regenerative medicine successfully for years.

Stem Cell Mexico

Conditions Treated By Our Specialists

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Stem Cell Doctors Offering Stem Cell Therapy by Injection and IV for only $3750! 

Regenerative Therapy at R3 Stem Cell Centers in Mexico


Anti Aging


Ankylosing Spondylitis



Autoimmune Disorders


Cardiac Conditions


Cardiac Refractory Angina

Cartilage Defects

Celiac Disease

Crohns Disease

Diabetes Mellitus

Degenerative Disc Disease

Erectile Dysfunction



Golfers And Tennis Elbow

Headaches And Migraines


Kidney Failure

Knee Arthritis


Lyme Disease

Liver Failure

Multiple Sclerosis




Parkinson’s Disease

Peripheral and Diabetic Neuropathy

Peripheral Artery Disease


Shoulder Arthritis Pain


Spinal Cord Injury

Stem Cell Therapy for Heart Conditions

Tendonitis, Ligament Injury & Bursitis

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Only so many slots are available for treatment, don’t wait!

Stem Cell Doctors Offering Regenerative Therapy by Injection and IV starting at Only $3750!