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Cosmetic Indications for Stem Cell Therapy & PRP

PRP and Stem Cell Facelifts

It’s no longer news that both stem cells and platelet rich plasma are being used in the cosmetic world to rejuvenate the skin and improve the facial appearance. Stem cells are found all over the body and they work to regenerate and repair various cells. Stem cell facelifts use adult mesenchymal stem cells which are mostly derived from fat cells to rejuvenate, repair and the regenerate the skin cells.


When it comes to platelet rich plasma or PRP facials, the process is slightly different. Platelet cells are found in the blood and this means these are highly essential in preventing blood clot formations and healing cells

PRP facelifts therefore involve deriving blood from the arm and concentrating platelets before injecting them into the face. These two facelifts are quite similar and the good thing is that they come fewer minimum risks. Both work to rejuvenate the skin, repair skin tissue and they are safe.


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PRP facials are increasingly becoming popular and have generated a lot of attention from the media over the last couple of months. However, what seems like the new facial in town has actually been around for seven years. There is no doubt on the benefits or platelet rich plasma in regenerative medicine and this is because platelets are rich in growth factors that can differentiate various cells in the body. Platelet derived growth factors have proven to be quite useful in the cosmetic world as they work to stimulate the proliferation of keratinocytes and fibroblasts.


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PRP and stem cells are also tackling hair loss problems and they have been effectively used in encouraging hair growth even in the worst cases of baldness. These therapies are providing a less invasive alternative to hair transplant procedures and their results are encouraging. Hair follicles contain stem cells and it is said that these follicle stem cells could help treat baldness.


This treatment involves activating progenitor cells in the stem cells already present on the scalp which in turn activates the follicle cells to regenerate new hair. With PRP therapy the normal blood extraction and centrifugation process is followed to create a concentrate of platelets. These platelets are then injected back into the scalp where they regenerate hair growth.


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Stem cells and PRP are also being used to facilitate breast augmentation and popular by celebrity Susan Somers is a big fan of stem cell breast augmentation having undergone it after suffering from breast cancer. A process known as stem cell assisted lipo transfer uses autologous fat enriched with stem cells to bump up the breast.


Fat transfer with PRP is also being used in breast augmentation and this includes harvesting fat from the patient’s body. This fat is then mixed with PRP which is rich in growth factors. The idea behind mixing the fat with PRP is so that the fat cells can get a chance to survive in the breast as permanent tissue.


As you can see, there are various cosmetic indications for PRP and stem cell therapy. These procedures are safe and you do not necessarily have to undergo the knife or introduce silicones into your body. Regenerative medicine can indeed produce brilliant results in aesthetic procedures.

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