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The Smartest Stem Cell in Existence - IntelliCell

R3 Stem Cell International Introduces The IntelliCellTM For Improved Patient Outcomes

R3 Stem Cell, the global leader in regenerative therapies, has introduced its latest advancement in stem cell technology after years of development. The IntelliCellTM is now being used at all of R3 Stem Cell’s Mexico Centers of Excellence, and represents an amazing leap forward in stem cell quality being offered.


What is the IntelliCellTM? Quite simply, the IntelliCellTM is the most active and potent mesenchymal stem cell in existence.The goal in regenerative therapies is to offer biologics that are not only effective for a patient’s condition, but also very safe.


The IntelliCellTM achieves both goals, is produced in such a method as to be intelligent with these five characteristics that make it supremely “intelligent”:

1. Seeking

When IntelliCellsTM are placed into the bloodstream, they will seek out areas of inflammation to deposit themselves. This is important, as chronic medical issues lead to significant inflammation being emitted from the area.


This may be coming from a specific organ (e.g. kidney, liver, lung), a combination of areas, or diffusely due to something like Rheumatoid Arthritis. With an appropriate amount of IntelliCellTM administration, enough biologic will be available to address the various areas of inflammation properly.


If a stem cell is not functional, it will not be able to perform its seeking function. The issue exists when clinics administer stem cells that are either nonviable, have been over-cultured, or have mutations. R3 Stem Cell makes sure the cells administered have excellent seeking ability with the IntelliCellTM evaluation.

2. Differentiating

Mesenchymal stem cells are able to differentiate into many different cell types, if they are viable and active. These include cartilage, bone, adipose, trachea, skin, muscle, nerve, liver, cornea, and more.


If mesenchymal stem cells are not healthy, viable or potent, the differentiation capacity may either be reduced or eliminated. IntelliCellsTM  have shown to propagate CFU’s, which is short for colony forming units. These are indicative of MSC activity.


There is nothing worse than receiving a stem cell therapy where the cellular activity is inferior. R3 Stem Cell is well aware of clinics offering MSC’s that have poor differentiation capabilities, so IntelliCellsTM are evaluated routinely for CFU activity and differentiation potential.

3. Persuading

The past decade of active research has shown us that most stem cell therapy benefits occur through what’s called paracrine signaling. This term refers to “cell to cell” activity, where stem cells are able to persuade recipient cells to amp up repair processes.


Various results of paracrine signaling may include new blood flow formation, gene expression, cellular formation, and helping cells to live longer.

4. Promoting

The most active mesenchymal stem cells are able to promote regenerative processes to turn on in one’s body. Amazingly, active MSCs are able to assist with helpful functions such as: promoting blood flow, cellular formation and differentiation, turning on protein formation, collagen creation.


Without the kickstarter of first rate mesenchymal stem cells, promotion activities are extremely limited. Results are suboptimal. IntelliCellsTM  offer top notch promotion potential!

5. Discouraging

In addition to offering promotional functions, active MSC’s are actually very good at discouraging harmful activities. This may include discouraging active cells from dying, or discouraging harmful growth factors and also preventing tumor formation.


These are all part of the functionality, where beneficial activities are promoted and harmful ones are discouraged. Only the most active mesenchymal stem cells are able to fill this role, which is what the IntelliCellTM is.

How is the IntelliCellTM produced?

First of all, R3 Stem Cell spared no expense in its creation. The lab includes contemporary equipment to evaluate the MSC’s activity, potency and differentiation capacity. Should a mesenchymal stem cell not meet the criteria as an IntelliCellTM, it is not used on patients!


According to R3 CEO David Greene, MD, PhD, MBA, “We’ve always offered world class stem cell therapy at our Mexico clinics, but now our R&D has placed us into the world’s elite with . We did all of this and kept our cell counts incredibly high while keeping our pricing extremely low. It’s all about first rate patient outcomes!”


R3 Stem Cell’s process for offering the best stem cell treatment in Mexico begins with a free phone consultation. The R3 doctors will evaluate medical records and discuss with the person whether or not a regenerative therapy is indicated.


Stem cell counts are important for therapy. R3 offers 30 million stem cells for just $2950, while 50 million stem cells is only $3950. All patients receiving 50 million or more cells also receive exosomes, which are stem cell byproducts that improve the outcomes.


“Along with the IntelliCellTM  stem cell treatment, we found that exosomes dramatically improve patient outcomes. Our procedure volume has allowed us to offer those biologics free to patients!” added Dr. Greene.


With over 17,000 stem cell procedures having been performed in the last decade, R3 Stem Cell is the global leader in regenerative therapies. The IntelliCellTM creation has continued the company’s tradition of keeping its place at the forefront of cost effective, clinically superior treatments.

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