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Your Ultimate Choice for Quality Therapy

Your Ultimate Choice for Quality Therapy

Choosing the Best Stem Cell Clinic in Mexico: Factors to Consider

Are you thinking about obtaining stem cell therapy in Mexico for yourself or a loved one? Are you confused about which clinic offers the best stem cell treatment in Tijuana or Cancun that will be the safest, most effective option that won’t break your bank?

6 things to consider when choosing a stem cell clinic in Mexico

1. Experience

When looking for a medical treatment that will be life-changing and involves biologics that will be placed into your body (or a loved one), you want a clinic that has been around for a while and does it a lot. Why? No one wants to be a guinea pig, and when it’s as important as treatment for a chronic condition, you want a Mexico stem cell center that has a lot of experience.

Experience with a lot of patients, great success stories, a smooth process for working with patients, and plenty of best practice protocols for optimizing the outcome. With stem cell therapy in Mexico being a relatively new technology (although R3’s been around for 12 years), it’s best to receive treatment with a clinic that knows what works best.

So why is R3 Stem Cell Mexico the most experienced? R3 started operations in the USA 12 years ago, and five years in Mexico. With stem cell clinics in Tijuana and Cancun, R3 Stem Cell has the busiest stem cell clinics in the entire country. With over twenty customized best practice protocols, R3 will present an individualized plan for you to optimize the outcome! Experience matters for the best outcome!

2. Quantity

The amount of stem cells you receive matters. While some stem cell clinics in Mexico may try and convince you otherwise, don’t fall for that. Time and time ago, clinical trials are showing that the amount of quality stem cells you receive will definitely affect your outcome.

This doesn’t mean everyone needs a billion stem cells! What it does mean though, is that patients who do not get a satisfactory outcome often didn’t receive enough cells. The problem is that even if a typical Mexico stem cell clinic knows what will benefit you the most, they are not able to accomplish it in a cost-effective manner. So they will provide less cells, which will leave you unsatisfied.

So the question is, does a Mexico stem cell exist that is able to cost-effectively provide the proper amount of stem cells needed? The answer is yes! R3 Stem Cell, with its high volume of procedures, possesses significant buying power for the biologics. R3 uses that leverage to reduce the cost for patients while making sure that the quantity of stem cells is sufficient for the best outcomes. No other Mexico stem cell clinic has been able to achieve that combination to benefit patients the most!

3. Quality

While it’s extremely important for patients to receive the proper amount of stem cells for the best outcomes possible, it’s also critical that the stem cells received are viable, potent, and active. What good would it do if a person receives 100 million stem cells, and only half are actually viable and functional?

This is where it can get confusing. The way R3 has handled this issue is to create the world’s smartest stem cell, known as Intellicell. R3’s scientists have worked for years to make sure that the biologics used are the most potent possible. In Mexico, stem cells are allowed to be cultured. But if you culture stem cells that are not high quality, guess what happens? You will end up with average working stem cells that are not the most effective possible.

So what R3 does is evaluate the uncultured stem cells to see which ones have the best “markers” for being active, effective, and potent. Then THOSE are the ones being cultured! Stem cells that have the proper markers, known as CD markers, are the ones that have the best effect on patients with chronic medical conditions.

In addition, R3 knows exactly how much to culture the stem cells. A lot of clinics will over culture their stem cells, which makes them ineffective. This is known as senescence, which means the cells are nonfunctional. R3 only cultures to the “3rd passage”, which means the cells are cultured to make their high numbers, but nowhere close to where they would be nonfunctional. R3 has achieved a sweet spot for high stem cell numbers, functionality, and affordability.

4. Pricing

Stem Cell Therapy in Mexico is a procedure that you will have to pay for out of pocket. While it truly is an investment in your health, it is not a “one and done” procedure. At some point in the future, maybe one year or maybe 5 years, another procedure will be necessary. Stem cell therapy in Mexico, or any other country, is not a cure (except sometimes for cancer therapy).

Therefore, it is important for the investment to be affordable, as most likely it will need to be made more than once. Stem cell treatment with R3 is most cost-effective in Mexico, and all over the world. When you look at the quantity of cells received, the quality of the biologics, and the overall investment, the best choice for regenerative therapy in Mexico is R3 Stem Cell!

5. Safety

Receiving a safe stem cell treatment in Mexico is of paramount importance with R3. How is safety maximized? Well, it takes significant biologics testing, which is not only expensive but time-consuming.

It is not easy to find a clinic in Mexico where the quality assurance testing of the biologics rivals the USA FDA for standards. But that is exactly what R3 Stem Cell offers! R3 tests for all types of communicable diseases, bacteria, virus, fungus, and only releases biologics for use once all of the testing comes back negative.

The testing takes a couple of weeks to accomplish and is very expensive overall. R3 Stem Cell cuts no corners to ensure patient safety! Since its inception, R3 Stem Cell’s Centers of Excellence globally have performed over 21,000 procedures in the past decade with no significant adverse events. Safety is paramount, rest assured.

6. Convenience and Value

Over the past five years, R3 Stem Cell has made receiving treatment in Mexico extremely convenient. R3 has drivers that will pick you up at the airport (or your hotel) in either San Diego or Cancun, and provide free ground transportation to the clinic and your hotel.

In addition, patients receive free stem cell exosomes with treatment (50 million stem cells or more). R3 knows that stem cells combined with exosomes are able to improve patient outcomes, so they regularly include them as value adds for patients. In addition, R3 also includes a multivitamin IV for patients. The vitamins help to prime the body for activating stem cells. While other clinics may offer exosomes and multivitamin IV’s, they will charge you for them!

All in all, there’s a lot to think about when deciding where to receive stem cell therapy in Mexico. R3 Stem Cell has spent years perfecting the best combination of stem cell quantity, quality, safety and affordability for patients. This combination represents why R3 has the busiest stem cell clinics in Tijuana and Cancun. Patients come to R3 from all over the USA, Canada, Europe, Asia, Africa,

R3 Stem Cell offers patients a free consultation to see if they or a loved one is a candidate. Simply call +1 (844) GET-STEM today!

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