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The Best Stem Cell Therapy in Phoenix Arizona

The Best Stem Cell Therapy in Phoenix Arizona

While R3 Stem Cell offers the top stem cell treatment clinics in all of Mexico, they also offer top notch regenerative therapies in Arizona! This includes having a headquarters location for stem cell therapy in Phoenix / Scottsdale AZ. The facility is modern, with expert regenerative medicine providers performing procedures including umbilical cord allograft tissue, exosomes, PRP therapy and autologous therapies.

Individuals in Arizona have the world’s top regenerative therapy company headquartered in the state, which not only offers stem cell procedures, but also medical training too. In fact, R3 Medical Training teaches providers from all over the USA on techniques for ultrasound guided injections, PRP, stem cell, aesthetics and all types of regenerative therapy applications. In other words, R3 Stem Cell offers treatment with expert faculty who are trusted all over the country!

R3 Stem Cell Phoenix serves the entire southwest including Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa, Glendale, Peoria, Chandler, Gilbert, Tucson, Flagstaff, Sierra Vista, Yuma, Albuquerque, Kingman and all surrounding areas. In addition to  providing stem cell therapies for patients, each one receives a FREE PRP along with a multivitamin infusion as well.

One of the main questions R3 Stem Cell Scottsdale receives from Arizona individuals is whether stem cell therapy is covered by insurance. Currently, it is not. That is NOT because it doesn’t work, rather, it’s simply that it takes insurance companies a LOT of time to incorporate new therapies into its coverage plans. There is also considerable Big Pharma influence against having insurance coverage, so it’s also taking longer as a result of this.

R3 Stem Cell Phoenix AZ prides itself on being the most affordable provider of regenerative therapies globally. Since R3 offers such a high volume of procedures worldwide,  they have used the “buying power” to reduce the pricing for patients substantially. With over 22,000 stem cell procedures having been performed around the world in the past decade, R3 is truly the world’s leading provider of highest quality, affordable, effective stem cell therapies anywhere!

In addition to providing the procedures, R3 offers a considerable amount of regenerative medicine education too. The R3 Stem Cell Masterclass includes eight episodes of engaging content on all kinds of regenerative medicine topics. Simply visit and sign up on the website. You will receive a free episode every day to your inbox for eight straight days. 

All interested individuals receive a free consultation. R3 doesn’t charge for these, and there is no obligation at all. As the most trusted provider of stem cell therapy in Arizona, including Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa and all surrounding areas, you will be in the best hands possible! Call today at (844) GET-STEM.

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