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Can Stem Cell Therapy repair damaged knees?

Can Stem Cell Therapy repair damaged knees?

Do you experience chronic knee pain? Are you looking for effective, lasting treatment for damaged knees? Many knee pain patients are looking for a permanent solution or treatment for knee damage?

Read on to learn about a highly effective treatment option for chronic knee pain.

How does knee damage occur?

The knee is a large bone joint that bears a lot of pressure and strain in the body, when we play, run, walk, and engage in other tasks. Such strain and wear and tear, with age, can cause nee damage and finally, chronic knee pain.

Cartilage or ligament damage is the cause behind most knee problems. These damages can occur due to –

  • Arthritis
  • Wear and Tear
  • Ruptured Ligaments
  • Tendonitis
  • Muscular Pain

Surgical and non-surgical treatments are available to deal with knee problems. But none of these treatments treat the root cause of these problems. Instead, they only address the symptoms which makes the relief last only a short time.

How does stem cell therapy work for knees?

Regenerative medicine treatments, such as stem cell therapy, is an advanced method that can treat a wide variety of knee conditions and injuries.

Stem Cells possess regenerative properties. They can repair, and replace any type of cells or tissues in the body. These can also control joint or bone inflammation as well as repair the damaged cartilage and ligaments naturally.

This allows the joints to heal naturally – an option only possible with stem cell therapy. It doesn’t only provide pain relief but is also safe and risk-free.

When stem cells are injected into the knees, their anti-inflammatory characteristics prevent inflammation in the body, reducing cartilage damage. This kicks off the natural repair process for knee damage.

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