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R3 Stem Cell Mexico Offers a Version of Young Blood

R3 Stem Cell Mexico Offers a Version of Young Blood

If you’ve never heard the term “Young Blood” as it relates to an anti-aging therapy, then prepare to be amazed. 

Back in 2005 at Stanford University, a group of researchers conjoined old mice and young mice so they shared a blood supply. The researchers had given a skeletal muscle injury to the old mice. Normally, an old mouse doesn’t heal an injury well to muscle. But when they connected the blood supply of a young mouse to the old mouse, it healed like “gangbusters”! The researchers wondered what was it about the young blood that was creating the healing environment?

So they repeated the experiment. This time, the researchers radiolabeled stem cells from the young mice to see if those cells showed up in the old mice muscle healing. Spoiler alert – THEY DID NOT! 

So the obvious question was then, “What was it in the young mice blood that was so beneficial to the old mice healing?”

Subsequent studies have shown the “young blood” from mice to work for other conditions, such as heart failure and Alzheimers in older mice.

The current thinking of what makes the “Young Blood” so beneficial are the exosomes that are present in the plasma. What are exosomes? They are lipid bound vesicles that are secreted by all of the cells in the body. They are seen in blood, lung fluid, saliva, semen, urine, basically any bodily fluid.

R3 Stem Cell Mexico offers exosome stem cell therapy for patients as a form of “Young Blood” therapy. The exosomes used are derived from umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cells. They are very small, basically the size of nanoparticles. The great news is they don’t get stopped by the blood-brain-barrier and are able to deposit into any tissue in the body for central nervous system.

So how do exosomes provide an anti-aging effect when used by R3 Stem Cell Mexico? Exosomes are attracted to areas of the body experiencing inflammation. Chronic disease emanates inflammation, so the exosomes go to those areas. They are then “ingested” by the cells, and then release their contents.

The contents of exosomes include growth factors, cytokines, micro and messenger RNA which are able to facilitate repair and regeneration of the damaged cell. In essence, it’s the Trojan Horse concept. The inflammation attracts the exosomes, which then release their “soldiers” to go to work and help the tissue regenerate effectively.

R3 Stem Cell Treatment Mexico has locations in Tijuana and Cancun. At both locations, exosomes are administered intravenously to patients for anti-aging and many different medical conditions. For those looking to receive stem cell therapy in Tijuana, or Cancun stem cell treatment, R3 Mexico is an ideal choice. They are often administered in conjunction with umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cells, and together the effect is tremendous for helping patients improve their quality of life. Some examples of conditions that see dramatic improvements:

  • COPD
  • Kidney Failure
  • Heart Failure
  • Autism
  • Autoimmune Diseases


This is just a small sampling, in fact, there are over 50 different conditions that benefit dramatically from exosome administration. R3 Stem Cell Mexico offers free consultations for those interested to see if they are a candidate for exosomes and stem cells.

To receive your free consultation, call +1 (888) 988-0515 today!

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