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Stem Cell Therapy for Autism

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Autism is a disorder of the neural development in which the patient becomes unable to interact with others on a verbal and non-verbal level. The disease is characterized by repetitive actions and is mostly found in growing children. Autism affects the capability of the neurons present Stem Cells for Autismin the brain to interact with other and process the information that is coming to them by the senses.

However, the reason why this happens is still a mystery to scientists and doctors. There are methods of treatment that can enable a child to overcome some of his social interaction issues and help him in making conversations, however, no cure for this disorder has yet been discovered.

Stem cell therapy is one of the bright spots for the parents whose children suffer from autism as it gives them hope that their children can become normal and start interacting with others more easily. Stem cell treatment for autism is a new method of treatment that is being seen by stem cell doctors as an effective way of restoring the functional abilities of the child that had been compromised due to autism. In this method, stem cells are transplanted in the brain to undo the damage that has been sustained by the neurons because of which they are unable to process the sensory information they receive.

Stem Cell Therapy for AutismStem Cells are a kind of cell present in our body that are capable to replicating themselves and taking the shape of all the kinds of cells present in the human body. Because of this unique ability, the stem cells are considered the ideal treatment for diseases whose cause is unknown and in which those cells of the body are targeted that cannot be replaced by the body. The stem cells can take the place of the damaged cells in the body and restore the body functions that had ceased because of the loss of the cells that had been damaged.

For treating autism, the stem cells that have shown the most promise are the Mesenchymal stem cells. These cells are not only capable of converting in to the cells which cannot be produced by the body itself because of a disease but can also help in regulating the immune system as well.

Harvesting these cells can be done either from the umbilical cord tissue or from the hip bone of the patient. However, the stem cells collected from the umbilical cord tissue are better than the ones harvested from the hip bone because they are more robust and active and can pass undetected by the immune system as they have not developed much to be identified as foreign bodies.

The use of stem cell therapy for autism has delivered results, but the scientists are still trying to simplify and increase the effectiveness of this process so that a long-term and safe cure for autism can be made available to the patients. It is expected that in the coming years, the scientists will be able to find a breakthrough in this regard soon and then treating autism will no longer remain a tough task.

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Which Pro Athletes Have Had PRP Therapy Done?

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Platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapy is proving to be quite popular amongst pro athletes. Since the regenerative treatment was introduced, it has been widely used in sports medicine and has been highly successful as well. This treatment involves using the patient’s own blood to regenerate blood cells and organs. The treatment can be used to treat ligament, tendon and muscle injuries.

Notable Athletes That Have Undergone PRPPRP Therapy California

The list of professional athletes who have undergone PRP is rather long. We will only delve into some of the notable pro athletes that have benefited from PRP.

  • Kobe Bryant: Kobe Bryant is one of the most renowned basketball players and just recently he returned from Germany where he underwent PRP treatment for his knee injury.  The player has already undergone several surgical procedures and this non-surgical therapy seems to providing brilliant results.
  • Alex Rodriguez: Another popular pro athlete known to have undergone PRP therapy is Alex Rodriguez who plays Major League Baseball. This baseball player has so far undergone five PRP treatments and the treatment has indeed accelerated his hip surgery recovery. His trainers are impressed with the quick recovery and say that the results have been impeccable.
  • Tiger Woods: Tiger Woods has also been a PRP beneficiary. The golf player has in the past disclosed in a news conference that the treatment was effective in helping him recover from his knee injury.
  • Raphael Nadal: Just like Tiger Woods, Raphael Nadal also credits his quick recovery from a knee injury to PRP.
  • Takashi Saito: This L.A Dodger’s pitcher has also undergone PRP treatment for his shoulder. In fact, he was amongst the first pro athlete’s to utilize his own blood for regenerativetreatment as he underwent the PRP treatment way back in 2008.

Why Is PRP So Popular Amongst Pro Athletes?

PRP Injections CaliforniaResearch shows that PRP does indeed help in accelerating the natural healing process. This is because it regenerates and repairs damaged cells in the body. This treatment has been embraced particularly in sports medicine due to the tough nature of treating tendon and ligament injuries. These are areas which generally have poor blood supply and treating their injuries is not easy.

The healing process tends to be slow and because PRP is directly injected on the injured part of the body, there is increased blood flow. The growth factors from the platelets help in differentiating cells and as a result increased, faster healing. PRP also calls in the body’s stem cells, so stem cell clinics offer the treatment to get athletes back on the field faster!

Injuries to the tendons, ligaments, muscles and joints are quite common in professional sports. It therefore makes sense that professional athletes have quickly turned to the treatment for faster healing. PRP can help reduce the healing process by weeks and sometimes even months.

The procedure is minimally invasive which means that the pro athlete will have a faster recovery and fewer risks with the procedure. In other words, it provides a way for athletes to avoid surgical procedures and heal faster as well. It also helps that PRP uses the patient’s own blood and this means that there are minimum negative reactions and infections that could occur due to the treatment.

With continuous research on PRP, it’s highly likely that stubborn sports injuries such as knee tendinitis and tennis or golfer’s elbow could have an easy and effective treatment. A recent study in the American Journal of Sports medicine showed that chronic tennis elbow experiences over 90% relief with PRP therapy. The patients in the study had tried everything except surgery and almost all avoided the need for an operation.

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