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Prolotherapy is a therapeutic approach which involves injecting any substance that can promote the normal development of organs, cells or tissues. Prolotherapy is now quite widespread.


Prolotherapy injections are hypothesized to initiate inflammation and stimulate the natural healing process with new, healthy cells. The most common solution used in Prolotherapy is  hyperosmolar dextrose which is a sugar solution. Sodium morrhuate which is derived from cod liver oil, lidocaine a common local anesthetic and glycerin are the common agents used in the injection solutions.


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Prolotherapy Uses

Prolotherapy injections could be used to treat many conditions and their benefits in pain relief especially lower back pain have been well accepted. These injections are being used in the treatment of the following conditions: neck strain, knee and spinal osteoarthritis, shoulder dislocation, Achilles tendinopathy, sacroiliac joint dysfunction, whiplash pain, and others.


There are certain conditions in which a patient may not be eligible for this therapy and these conditions include: bleeding disorder, allergy to a Prolotherapy agent, or ongoing infection. If the patient is currently on any type of anticoagulant medication, then he or she may not be eligible for the treatment. The same goes for patients with acute gout arthritis and acute infections as well.


Prolotherapy Side Effects

No medication is without its side effects and Prolotherapy has various side effects. Most patents will experience pain on the injection site and this may be followed by numbness. This often occurs within the first 72 hours of the injection and should clear fast. The pain is temporary but they may require relief medication and although NSAIDs are not recommended, they may be prescribed. More adverse side effects include allergic reactions to the main agent and potential infection.


Types of Prolotherapy

Prolotherapy San DiegoThere are different types of Prolotherapy injections and these are growth factor injections, growth factor stimulation injections and inflammatory Prolotherapy injections.


Inflammatory Prolotherapy injections activate inflammation so as to stimulate growth factors. Now a growth factor is a complex type of protein which initiates the growth of new cells to treat the affected area. In this case the injection would increase inflammation and stimulate growth factors which promote natural healing with healthy cells.


Growth factor stimulation Prolotherapy is the injection of a growth factor stimulant. Human cells combined with a minute dextrose solution of about 0.3 percent could produce various growth factors. These include epidermal growth factors, connective tissue growth factors or platelet derived growth factor.


Growth factor injection Prolotherapy is the direct injection of a growth factor. Unlike the latter, there is no stimulation or activation of inflammation; instead the specific growth factor is used. This Prolotherapy injection is currently being studied to treat various conditions such as arthritis and spinal injuries.


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