Fat Derived Stem Cell Injections

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An Overview of Fat Derived Stem Cell Therapy


Fat tissue has a rich cell population of mesenchymal stem cells which have the ability to differentiate and Stem Celll Therapy from fatbecome fat, cartilage, bone, tendon, muscle and marrow. Adipose tissue is one of the richest sources of these mesenchymal stem cells.


Mesenchymal progenitor cells are highly sought after in medicine as they can be used in the repair of various organs and tissues in the body. These include the heart, lungs, muscle, cartilage, bones and pancreas as well. Fat derived mesenchymal progenitor cells are a major focus in medical research and numerous studies have indicated that they can support the efficacy and safety of autologous and Allogenic derived cells making them a valuable choice where factors such as the heart or age of the donor are an issue.


Unlike other stem cell sources such as blood or bone marrow, fat tissue gives the physician the ability to harvest a great number of stem cells in a small amount of time. Deriving stem cells from fat tissue allows for a speedy introduction of stem cells into the body with minimum manipulation.


Advantages and Uses of Adipose Derived Stem Cell Therapy

Multiple studies have proven that fat derived stem cells carry a greater concentration of not only stem cells but regenerative cells and this could be up to 2,500 times more. This is an extremely essential factor to consider in stem cell therapy and this is because a higher concentration of stem cells means greater chances of treatment success, quicker recovery and avoidance of multiple treatments.

Fat Derived Stem Cells


Fat derived stem cells happen to be immunoprivileged which means that they have a high resistance to immune responses and can tolerate antigens without eliciting inflammatory immune reactions.


Fat derived stem cells secrete haematopoietic factors which help in tissue repair and they can be induced to differentiate into neurons, osteoblasts, myocytes and chondroblasts as well as other cells. Their multiple abilities to differentiate give them great potential in regenerative medicine for a number of difficult medical conditions.


Scientists have discovered that adipose tissues hold immense potential in both regenerative and reconstructive medicine. Fat grafting has been integrated in breast and facial surgeries with much success. The stem cells go through various divisions and could contribute greatly to the reversal of the human aging process. They also have the ability to convert into various cells which can be effectively transplanted to an Allogenic or autologous hosts safely to facilitate various treatments.


Harvesting of fat is a minimally invasive liposuction procedure. As regenerative medicine continues to become the preferred therapy for many conditions, you can expect that science will continue to explore the benefits and utility of fat derived stem cells.

Here are a number of conditions that fat derived stems are used to treat:


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