Bone Marrow Derived Stem Cell Injections

Bone Marrow Derived Stem Cell Injections in Los Angeles Metro, Orange County and San Diego/La Jolla

Bone marrow is the matter present inside the bones. In human beings, our red blood cells are actually produced through hematopoiesis which occurs in long bones. This process, which occurs in the bone marrow, is said to produce about 500 billion blood cells every day. Bone marrow derived stem cells have been successfully used in various conditions including cancer and chronic wound Bone Marrow Stem Cell Therapytreatments along with numerous musculoskeletal conditions and systemic disorders.


Bone Marrow Stem Cell Therapy

The stem cells derived from the bone marrow have the ability to renew themselves and differentiate which is the ability to generate more mature cells. They can therefore be used to regenerate cartilage, tendon, ligament, muscle, organ tissue, brain matter, bone and more. In addition, published studies have shown bone marrow stem cell therapy can boost one’s immune system tremendously which can help in any number of disease conditions.


Stem Cells for Back PainAutologous bone marrow transplants source stem cells from the patient with an outpatient procedure at our contemporary Los Angeles regenerative medicine clinic. These stem cells are derived through bone marrow harvesting from the patient’s pelvis, which is a great source of marrow and has plentiful amounts of stem cells. R3 Stem Cell has Board Certified doctors who perform the extremely low risk procedure under sedation.


For local injections into tendon, ligament, joints and fractures, the stem cell concentrate can be immediately created and injected at the same setting in the Southern California office setting.


Indications for Bone Marrow Stem Cell Treatment

R3 Stem Cell offers bone marrow derived local injections for:


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