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Can Stem Cell Therapy help Peripheral or Diabetic Neuropathy?

Can Stem Cell Therapy help Peripheral or Diabetic Neuropathy?

Patients who are suffering pain related to diabetic peripheral neuropathy may be able to finally receive treatment that targets the inflammation of neuropathy instead of merely attempting to treat the symptomatic ailments. Peripheral neuropathy (PN) is a disorder with symptoms that manifest commonly in the limbs.Diabetic Neuropathy Treatment

PN is found regularly in patients with diabetes, with approximately 70% of diabetic patients suffering some degree of peripheral pain. Stem cell therapy may be able to halt the damaging effects of PN and reverse some degree of this damage, restoring feeling and function to the limbs.

What are the current treatment methods for Peripheral Neuropathy?

Modern treatment of peripheral neuropathy (PN) includes a combination of medications acting as inflammatory suppressants to help combat the painful symptomatic effects. Other methods of treatment include opioids, serotonin, norepinephrine inhibitors, and anticonvulsants among other medications.

Patients who have had PN for an extensive duration of time might develop some degree of resistance to conventional treatment methods. Regenerative stem cell treatment may be able to help restore function to nerve cells that have been damaged by PN, reducing or preventing the symptoms experienced.

Why are conventional treatment methods not effective?

Many of the treatments currently used do not deal directly with the cause of peripheral neuropathy (PN), as not every cause of PN can be discovered. Current treatments focus instead of dealing with the symptoms patient’s exhibit, seeking to offer temporary pain relief. Stem cell treatment for neuropathy might be able to directly affect the root cause of symptoms, which is a mixture of nerve cell inflammation and tissue damage.

What Stem Cell Therapy Treatments are currently in development for Peripheral Neuropathy?

One of the largest complications in the use of stem cells for treatment of peripheral neuropathy (PN) was inconsistency in the stem cells effectiveness. To circumvent this, a new preparation method was devised that Stem Cell Therapy for Neuropathyresults in vastly improved reduction of inflammation and of other symptoms. The anti-inflammatory cells used for this study were shown to have significantly more treatment ability than previous methods. Previous treatment methods had a near 14% reduction, with the new method approaching close to a 40% reduction.

A second study gave evidence to support that stem cells that have been specially tailored to turn off the inflammatory response of the body can present a very promising therapeutic strategy for both PN and diabetic PN. This newfound ability of stem cells is laying very promising groundwork in the development of a full treatment for patients suffering from PN.

Current Stem Cell Therapy Treatments for Peripheral and Diabetic Neuropathy

While further research is still being made into the advancement of treatment options, there are treatments available today for patients to use. Stem cell injections, whether derived from fat or amniotic cells, and platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapy are each capable of providing some degree of relief for patients suffering peripheral Stem Cells for Neuropathypain. These treatments focus on the injection of stem cells into the damaged tissue, where the cells may negate the effects of PN.

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