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Regenerative Medicine with Stem Cells: How it Benefits Your Health

Regenerative Medicine with Stem Cells: How it Benefits Your Health

Regenerative medicine is the process in which human cells, tissues and organs are replaced in order to re-establish normal function. The field continues to advance and has captivated many in the medical community because it empowers healthcare providers to replace damaged tissue by activating the body’s own self-healing mechanisms. Healthcare providers surmise that regenerative Stem Cells for cardiomyopathymedicine may even be able to solve serious medical problems including organ transplant rejection.

It is even possible that a considerable amount of joint replacement surgery may be avoided with regenerative medicine helping arthritic joints. This may include stem cells for knees, shoulders, ankles, hips along with stem cells for back pain.

The term “regenerative medicine” was made its way into the lexicon in 1992 in an article penned by Leland Kaiser. Kaiser’s paper stated that regenerative medicine will attempt to regenerate failing and malfunctioning organ systems.

While researchers and healthcare providers still have a lot to learn about regenerative medicine, there are some treatments being used today. For example, stem cell therapy utilizing the patient’s own mesenchymal cells can be used for a variety of treatments. These particular types of stem cells are housed within bone marrow, blood and even fatty tissue. Mesenchymal stem cells can be used to repair and regenerate cartilage, tendons and bones.

Stem cells are simply cells that are undifferentiated. That means they have not yet chosen a path of specialization or function. When cultured with the right factors, stem cells have the potential of differentiating into bone and cartilage, or organ tissue such as the heart, pancreas, neural tissue and more. Stem cell therapy for diabetes, stem cell therapy for alzheimers, stem cell therapy for parkinsons disease – all of these and more are becoming a reality!

It was originally thought that undifferentiated stem cells were found only in babies, but further research has shown they also exist in bone marrow. This discovery has exponentially opened up treatment possibilities for people of all ages. It also avoids the ethical considerations of using stem cells from babies.

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy is another form of regenerative medicine that is often used in conjunction with stem cells as a way to enhance growth factors in the treatment of serious joint conditions.   Platelet-rich plasma therapy is now being used as an alternative to surgery.

Researchers are currently focusing their efforts on three strategies:Stem Cell Therapy for Alzheimers

  • Replacement – This method involves transplanting tissues, organs and cells into the patient’s body
  • Regeneration – Regenerating cells is accomplished through extracting the patient’s cells and reprogramming them in a laboratory setting, then injecting the cells back into the patient’s body.
  • Rejuvenation – Rejuvenation means stimulating the body’s cells to self-heal.

In a society that consists of individuals living longer than ever before, regenerative medicine and its existing and potential applications can revolutionize medicine. Athletes, senior citizens and people with disabilities can all benefit from this cutting edge treatment.

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