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Is stem cell therapy worth the cost?

Is stem cell therapy worth the cost?

If you have arthritis or suffer from chronic joint pain, you may have tried a number of treatment options, only to feel the pain come back. You probably have heard about stem cell therapy to treat pain and heal tissues naturally. And if you are now curious about the effectiveness and cost of stem cell therapy, read on.

Stem cells are the building blocks for every other type of cell. They can differentiate to take up new roles and become other cells, such as cartilage, blood cells, muscle, bone, and more.

Stem cells can be harvested from donor umbilical cord blood and then injected into the damaged or diseases tissue of people who may need them. This stimulates the body’s healing mechanisms as the cells differentiate into the required cells to treat pain, reduce inflammation, and repair or regenerate damaged tissues.

Stem Cells for treating disease

Since stem cells can rejuvenate damaged tissues or organs, they can potentially treat many diseases such as heart disease, arthritis, cancer, diabetes, and neurological disorders. Since stem cells have the ability to regenerate into various types of cells, they have been used to treat diseased or damaged tissues such as muscles, bones, hair, other organs, and more.

Cost of Stem Cell treatment

The upfront costs for stem cell therapies may see high. However, when you consider the benefits of stem cell therapies compare to the other available treatment options which only address the symptoms and that too, for only a limited period, stem cell therapy is proved to be much more cost-effective.

Stem cell treatment costs depend on various factors, such as the condition or the injury, the site of damage or degeneration, the severity of the condition, the number of treatments needed and more.

If you or a loved one is suffering from a chronic condition, it is best to consult a stem cell expert to understand whether you are a good candidate for stem cell therapy and to understand the costs involved.

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