Stem Cell Therapy for Covid 19 – Coronavirus


R3 Stem Cell International offers stem cell therapy for Covid 19 in Mexico. Also known as Coronavirus, the Covid 19 pandemic has led to millions of individuals being affected. Not only has this caused significant suffering and hospitalizations, the virus also has caused considerable after effects such as difficulty breathing, fatigue, and other issues.

Initial studies performed in China, Europe and Israel have shown excellent outcomes with the use of mesenchymal stem cell therapy for Covid 19. While these studies are in the initial stages, the unfortunate truth is that conventional treatments typically don’t have the desired result.

At R3 International, stem cell treatment in Mexico has not only been safe, but also extremely beneficial for many outcomes. Stem cell therapy biologics have been exceptional for assisting with patient’s immune system and decreasing chronic inflammation. Unfortunately, chronic inflammation has been linked to many disease conditions such as organ failure, various cancers, arthritis, diabetes, neuropathy.

Thankfully, regenerative biologics are able to decrease inflammation, with the outcome typically being that patients attain higher levels of energy, increased vitality and ability to function improves.

According to R3 International CEO David Greene, “Our treatments have been very safe for years in Mexico, with outcomes being exceptional. We want to help patients with chronic conditions, so our licensed doctor performs free phone consultations to see if a patient is a candidate. Treatment starts at only $2975!”

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R3 International Now Offering Stem Cell Therapy for Coronavirus in Mexico

R3 International Now Offering Stem Cell Therapy for Coronavirus in Mexico

Phoenix, AZ, June 30, 2020 –(– R3 Stem Cell International is now offering stem cell therapy for coronavirus patients at its first rate Center in Tijuana, Mexico. Several treatment options are available that include up to 200 million stem cells, with pricing starting at only $2975.

A growing body of research out of Europe, China, Israel and other countries is showing that mesenchymal stem cell therapy for COVID-19 infections is not only safe, but typically able to assist patients in various stages of the condition. (Pain Physician 2020, Stem Cell Res Ther 2020) The virus typically targets the lungs and can produce an exaggerated immune response.

Even when patients recover from the virus, they are often left with symptoms that are chronic such as difficulty breathing, fatigue, and other issues that traditional medical treatments do not help sufficiently (Gavi 2020). In the studies to date and experience at R3 International with stem cell therapy for COVID-19, patients have done remarkably well.

At R3 Stem Cell International, the options for treatment include a one time visit, a one week visit, or treatment over a year with four visits. At each treatment, either 30 million or 50 million live stem cells are provided. Treatment starts at $2975 for thirty million stem cells.

Whether a patient wants to achieve improvement after a COVID hospitalization, or to improve one’s immune system, stem cell therapy may be a stellar option. The process starts with a free phone consultation with one of R3’s experienced, licensed doctors. After the consultation and a review of pertinent medical records, the doctor will make a recommendation for treatment.

In addition to stem cell therapy for COVID-19, R3 International also offers treatments for many other conditions in Mexico. This includes liver disease, kidney failure, stem cells for stroke, stem cells for diabetes, heart issues, Alzheimers, Lyme, Crohns and many more.

Interested individuals should call (888) 988-0515 to set up a free phone consultation.

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