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Stem Cell Therapy for Anti Aging in Mexico

The US population continues to skew older. As of the year 2000, there were 35 million individuals in the US over the age of 65. That number increased to over 50 million by last year! Along with the increased number of baby boomers getting older, also people continue to live longer.

Aging is not a fun process. Chronic diseases such as arthritis, organ failure, COPD, autoimmune disease, stroke, dementia, ALS, MS, and more affect Stem Cell Therapy for Anti Aging in Mexicoindividuals as they age. What do all of these conditions typically have in common?

Chronic inflammation is what they have in common! Scientists refer to this chronic, low grade inflammation as “inflammaging” and over time leads to a lot of the disease entities we typically think of with aging. Why does the chronic inflammation occur? We don’t have all the answers, but we do know that the common human diet leads to part of the problem.

In addition, a lot of the toxins that humans ingest such as alcohol, cigarette smoke, various drugs, can all be a factor too.

The inflammation leads to tissue degeneration and increased potential for a series of diseases. The inflammation then leads to the abnormal activation of the immune system and production of cytokines that are often seen in elderly patients with cardiovascular diseases, RA, diabetes, cancer, MS and cognitive decline. 

In older people, the tissues develop high levels of inflammatory cytokines, such as IL-6, IL-1β, TGF-b, and TNF-α, which are known to interfere with anabolic signaling. What that means is older individuals tend to lose tissue and have difficulty maintaining muscle mass. Interestingly, collagen production also becomes a problem. This can lead to older individuals developing tenuous skin, and bleeding easy.

Stem cell therapy may assist with this harmful process in a number of ways. Stem cell biologics contain a plethora of different cells, proteins and elements that can assist with not only decreasing levels of harmful inflammation, but also can modulate the immune system. Over the years, R3 International has treated many patients with RA, Lupus, Psoriasis and other autoimmune disease successfully with stem cell therapy. The immune system modulation is due to a combination of the cytokines, exosomes, growth factors, microRNA and the stem cells acting as messengers amongst themselves and with one’s body.

Amniotic and umbilical stem cells are a valuable tool in fighting this persistent inflammation and reducing fibrosis, brain swelling, and improving neurological deficits. There is also preliminary (and controversial) evidence that these calls may be an anticancer therapy by inhibiting tumor growth. An abundance of evidence has shown that amniotic and umbilical tissue doesn’t cause tumors or cancers. 

Is anti aging therapy with stem cells safe?

Yes! R3 International uses umbilical cord tissue obtained from consenting donors after a scheduled c-section. No harm occurs to baby or mother. The tissue is handled very carefully at the lab, where the safety standards actually exceed those of the FDA in the US.

Could I reject the stem cell biologic?

In theory yes, but we’ve never seen it happen in thousands of procedures. Scientists call umbilical and amniotic tissue “immune privileged”, meaning that the tissue does not create a rejection reaction.

Does the stem cell therapy in Mexico work for anti aging?

Anecdotally the answer is yes. Research studies have shown that the regenerative biologic reduces all the markers of inflammation. Our results have shown that patients feel more energized with treatment, experience symptomatic relief from chronic disease and are often able to avoid potentially risky surgery!

R3 International’s anti aging stem cell therapy program offers several options for treatment. This includes either a:

  1. One time treatment with either 30 or 50 million cells ($2950 or $3950)
  2. A 5 day stay with 3 treatments including between 150 million and 200 million cells. (starts at $9975)
  3. Several visits over a one year period, adding up to 200 million stem cells.

The process starts with a free phone consultation with one of our licensed, experienced stem cell doctors. Once a treatment decision is made, your dedicated patient concierge representative will assist with all of your travel logistics.

Call (888) 988-0515 today to get the process started!

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