Overview of the IV Stem Cell Therapy Program


Telehealth offers a systemic (IV) stem cell therapy program where your treatment is overseen by high qualified, Board Certified stem cell doctors before and after therapy! The IV treatments are performed a short distance away in Mexico. All procedures performed are in compliance with and approved by the Mexican government.

For conditions such as COPD, Parkinsons, Alzheimers, Post Stroke, Diabetes, Autism, Cardiac and others,

Stem Cell Therapy for Diabetes

ProGen Cell offers stem cell therapy for diabetes

Intravenous Therapy with Stem Cells is offered a short drive into Mexico. The Program is fully supervised, with patients receiving transportation during the entire trip from San Diego to the Hotel and back and forth from the 5 Star Hotel to the Stem Cell Treatment Center.

Telehealth has developed a program in Mexico for the IV stem cell therapy treatments that is safe, comprehensive, effective and completely set up in conjunction with your USA based treatment. Transportation back and forth from San Diego is provided along with to and from the beautiful, cutting edge treatment center and the gorgeous hotel.


The stem cell program begins with an evaluation by the Board Certified doctors at Telehealth. This can be performed initially through medical records, imaging studies and a phone consultation. If the patient is accepted for treatment, a deposit would be required to save a spot for the Program.

The stem cell program in Mexico involves autologous bone marrow, meaning the patient’s own stem cells are used. Multiple highly skilled Mexican stem cell doctors work with patients for the stem cell therapy program at a contemporary, state of the art facility. Options for treatment with amniotic stem cell therapy exist as well.

The bone marrow is stimulated before and after extraction in order to maximize the body repair capability and cell regeneration opportunities for the tissues and organs. In addition, the stimulated bone marrow has a significant effect on regulating the inflammatory response in all body cells. IV treatment is not performed in the US.

In addition to utilizing one’s bone marrow, the Board Certified Doctors will also utilized Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy as well when appropriate. This will depend on your  medical condition being treated.

The Stem Cell Treatment  for IV Therapy offered is a 4 Day Program

Day 1: Patients are transported from San Diego to Hotel Real del Mar in Mexico for check in, and then still Fasting to the Stem Cell Therapy Clinic for Lab Work, EKG, Imaging Studies, Doctor Evaluation, Initial Ultraviolet Therapy and a Blood Sample for Immunotherapy. There will also be a dental evaluation along with hydration treatment. If any dental work is necessary prior to the stem cell treatment, it will be performed at this time.

Stem Cell Clinic

Patients stay at Hotel Real del Mar on the Ocean


Day 2 and 3: The patient is picked up directly from the hotel at 8:30AM (breakfast is included). Depending on the medical condition being treated, patients may receive additional IV hydration along with additional indicated IV treatment such as Chelation therapy, Ozone therapy, Glutathione. The patient receives injections of growth factor under the skin to stimulate stem cell production.

Day 4: The patient receives another injection of growth factor. Bone marrow is extracted under sedation from the tibia (shin bone). The bone marrow is immediately processed to concentrate the stem cells, treated with growth factors, and then reinfused intravenously (intra-arterial for brain conditions).

For brain conditions, the solution is treated with extra medicine to ensure the stem cells cross into  the brain.

The procedure itself takes 45 minutes with one to two hours in recovery, then patients rest for the evening back at the hotel.

Day 5: Transportation back to San Diego.

The 4 Day Stem Cell Therapy IV Program is offered as a Package. Transportation to and from San Diego is included along with the Hotel Stay, All Medical Treatment, Breakfast Each Day, and Transportation between the Gorgeous Hotel and the Stem Cell Treatment Facility.

Stem Cell Therapy Program